Virk Exotics

House of Paws Presents Virk Exotics



Located in New Westminster, we breed affectionate and fun loving Bengals.

We breed high quality pet Bengal cats and socialize them to help start develop a well rounded cat.

The Bengal is a fearless, social, and very comical breed. The Bengal breed is a hybrid created by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat to a domestic.


Bengals & Markings




Here is an example of a Marble bengal kitten, age at 13 weeks, the color pattern and markings are still developing and will become more vivid and developed by the age of 10 months.








This is an example of a spotted bengal kitten at the age of 5 months old. The spotted bengals have distinctive large black spots  on a lighter colored pelt. This kitten is a kitten from our past litter that our Queen "Marble" produced.










 Here is another bengal from one of our previous litters. In this picture is a rosetted pattern. This pattern along with the spotted variety are the most common found markings you will see.